The Soul Portrait

A Soul portrait

A spiritual journey into your soul’s history will reveal a message especially for you. Most portraits depict the visible, I portray the invisible.

Do you feel as though you have lost touch with yourself, and that this is leaving you dissatisfied?

Are you searching for the message, which will redirect you towards your true path?

Would you like to discover who you really are through the image of your soul?


A Soul portrait is a unique and extraordinary experience, absolutely worth trying.

The portrait is created in two phases.

  1. While the subject sits for the portrait, the artist will channel the spiritual world and begin to perform automatic drawing. The artist’s hand moves unconsciously over the paper producing a psychic illustration of the subject. The face appearing on the paper may look like and belong to the present, or it could be an image of the past. The portrait may also represent an angelic creature or magical entity revealing itself as a source of help. Sometimes the drawing may show several faces surfacing slowly, chronicling the history of the soul.
  2. Once the portrait is finished the artist and the individual will have the opportunity to discuss the meaning of the work. The session will end with the revelation of the final message, invaluable to the life of the subject.

The whole experience takes two to three hours.

You may notice that incredibly, the soul portrait evolves with you and that the expression on the face changes as time goes by. It is a truly magical encounter.

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