Portrait With Your Animal Guide

A portrait with your animal guide will help you to rediscover your true self.

There is no fatigue on Earth worse than the fatigue of not knowing who you are.

Do you feel weak, tired and stressed? Do you want to find your strength again with a powerful image of you with your animal guide?

Would you like to reawaken all your inner qualities and bring them into life?

Are you looking for a new beginning, a new source of inspiration, magic?

A portrait of your animal guide is an extraordinary tool for spiritual growth. It brings forth strength, revelation and stimulation.

The portrait is created in two phases.

  1. The individual sits for the artist for an initial sketch, during this session the animal guide reveals itself to the artist.
  2. The artist continues to work in solitude, contacting the animal guide and asking it to reveal three qualities precious to the life of the individual. These qualities will be unknown to the individual but it is vital that they are expressed. By allowing them to resurface from the deepest chambers of the soul, we can experience a rebirth.

The artist will need three to four weeks to complete this spiritual portrait. In this time the artist will nurture the soul of the individual, travelling with them through their journey with the animal guide.

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