Anjee Bertagna Biography

anjee bertagnaAnjee Teresa Bertagna was born in Sondrio, Italy in 1965.

Her love for the arts brought her to study at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. She graduated the Academy in 1992 having studied drawing and painting under the supervision of Luciano Fabro of the Arte Povera movement.

During her academic studies, Anjee developed her interest in the portrait and self-portrait, in particular examining the human soul.

After graduating, Anjee moved to Berlin where she worked as both artist and art copyist for various galleries. She also taught art in schools. In 2000 she moved back to Italy and began a spiritual journey in the world of Osho.

In this spiritual and artistic search, Anjee developed her gift of channelling, a power she has had since adolescence, and discovered her drawings were transcending into more spiritual works of art.

Channeling is a process by which an individual can commune telepathically or intuitively with another conscious entity, which is not present in a physical form, for example, spiritual guides, angels and masters.

Anjee now works as an artist in Italy, Switzerland and the UK. She teaches art in Italian and international schools and also in her Milan studio, providing art classes for adults and children alike.

She holds art and meditation workshops, combining the teaching of traditional art techniques with the creative expression that meditation and mindfulness permit.