Art and Meditation

Arte e Meditazione - MeditationArt and Meditation

A seminar dedicated to the artist in each one of us, experimenting with colors and materials in the magic of meditation.  The goal of meditation is to find again an authentic place within ourselves so that we can paint from that space where we feel relaxed and centered.  We will use the active meditation of Osho which through movement of the body and dance eases tensions quickly bringing us to a higher sensation of feeling.  This is how all our ideas, thoughts, opinions and conditionings on Art which are the cause of our blocks loose consistency.

From this new receptiveness, painting can open new worlds, allowing enjoyment and experimentation, letting us finally to do it for the fun of doing it without any secondary goals.  This release of creativity is a precious gift of meditation and is a fast way to get results that an artist achieves only after years of work.

Art is an excellent mirror of ourselves because that which happens within us remains visible on paper.

The painting exercises and meditations are enriched by precious group sharing. You can participate in a single day or evening session or in a full session of several days and evenings.
Each day and evening session has a precise theme on which to focus our work.  These classes are open to everyone, artists and non-artists, because the point is not to create works of art but to live art as a means of achieving greater self-awareness.