The best testimonies gathered in these years of extraordinary work.

stella ” From the session of Portrait of the Soul, I had no idea what to expect other than a drawing more or less looking like me.  When the drawing is finished, you go on to the stage called reading:  it was instead a totally unexpected experience of surprise and discovery, of past and present that emerge together from the messages emanating from the drawing. The long session lasted more than 2 hours and I left charged with a beautiful and energetic energy.” Caterina – Milano – Italy

stella ” When I look at this portrait, I am attracted to the eyes, that draw me,  I feel sucked into them, I recognize my soul and I feel at home enveloped by an infinite love, I am moved and I regenerate. I wanted to see if other people perceive something or what exactly they perceive.  This week I did this experiment with 25 people, the shock was in discovering that everyone perceived something different (anger, fear, wisdom, pain, anxiety) but they were reflections of themselves, it was as if they were able to analyse themselves. The magic lies in having grasped the key of that which is:  in asking the people to talk to me about what they saw in a portrait that was not theirs, they concentrate and let themselves go, as if it were a mirror they become nude without realizing it.
This portrait can trick people’s minds so that instead of protecting them,  it opens them up, removes the mask and when people realize that, they become aware and can no longer deny it. I keep you in my heart. Namastè.” Zelia – Modena – Italy


stella” The thing that pushed me to do the course was the desire to see unknown aspects of myself and to contact the wisdom of my soul.  My experience was that my soul came out … it was like a trip into past lives!  Wonderful!!” Marisol – Firenze – Italy

stella” …del ritratto dell’animale, .. tu sai che ciò che è successo nel momento di farlo…e i giorni successivi furono magici, una benedizione che va oltre il terreno…” Marisol – Firenze – Italy

stella“I opened your portrait of the soul….. I reread what we saw …. I’m speechless…. I put it in a frame and found a place for it in my meditation room…the written phrases vibrate in my soul, heart, and all my cells the whole time that I give a massage, or anytime……all the time……and it gives me an incredible strength when I look at the portrait….. I look at myself and I trust in myself again…..Angee, you are great not only at making portraits but also at listening to people and their souls … not everyone “sees” or “feels” that which they show … but….. you are a wonderful channel of wisdom and vision..

It’s a great support to me when I look at my portrait …. It is a true resource for my soul when I come to the point when I don’t believe in myself …. ” Pamela – Belgrado – Serbia

stella ” The first contact I had with this experience was with the Portrait of the soul.  Living these moments with Anjee was for me a gift and an exchange of great value.  It was magic that revealed a quality of the soul that I knew but never thought I would find it so extraordinarily represented in the portrait. There were “Pieces” that came out that confirmed my spirit’s path and life’s purpose. A beautiful revelation that brought me more consciousness and deep respect for this extraordinary work that Anjee gives to the world. A beautiful experience that enriches and brings Great light… everyone should experience it. The invisible being that manifests itself.” Surya – Parma – Italy

stella” What pushed me to do it? Curiosity, the desire to “see” and the search for the way to discover who I am.

What was I expecting? Nothing in particular ….an input to open new doors…

What did I find? The portrait is an image that is very profound that will always accompany me and grow and transform with me.  It is a precious gift that reminds me of who I am.  THANK YOU Anjee.” Arianna – Parma – Italy

stella” I think that the portrait of the Soul is an experience that is very personal.  I was able to see references to a past life, finding potentiality and  qualities that I am not using, and explanations about my health and spiritual condition.  And at the end I really looked into the eyes of my soul.  For me it all was very intense and it was a pleasant surprise. ” Giuseppe – Lecco – Italy

stella” The first vision of the portrait with my animal guide was revealed with only the color “grey Silver”.. from there in a few seconds/minutes everything came to life and the face slowly manifested many expressions, especially the eyes …. Then the colors red, orange and blue came out… the dolphin that turns its “neck” down came out last painted with the color fire red …. now the whole head is immersed in water …” Surya – Parma – Italy

stella” For me it was surprising, incredible to receive the 3 qualities of the animal and to feel how they activated and how they were transformed, overturning my life. From the first to the third, I could experience that which I am and that which I didn’t know I had, a true rebirth.” Tatiana – Sondrio – Italy

stella” Receiving this portrait was a fantastic gift.  It only took an hour and a half of my time but the beauty is that after a few days the artist channeled my 3 qualities and immediately started to work inside of me unblocking and at the same time activating hidden or unexpressed qualities. Then I received the portrait with the animal next to it and inside of me, every time that I look at it I get excited and it gives me strength.” Giuseppe – Milano – Italy